Greyhound Obedience Training

Does your Greyhound need some obedience training?  Well the following Greyhound obedience training tips and advice may help you get started!

Greyhound Obedience Training Tips

Greyhound Obedience TrainingThe following are some tips to follow when going through Greyhound obedience training:

  • Remember, it will take time for your Greyhound to become trained so be patient – your time will be worth it!
  • With Greyhound obedience training it’s important to remain consistent.  Without consistency, your Greyhound may get confused.  For example, stick to your rules – if your Greyhound is not allowed on the couch, then never let them on the couch.  The same goes for commands – if you choose to say “sit” then stick to this – do not change it to “sit Greyhound” at a later stage.  So remember – consistency is key!
  • Another thing to remember is repetition.  Your Greyhound will not pick up everything straight away and you will need to repeat things over and over again.
  • It’s important to encourage your Greyhound for good behavior by giving them rewards.  Rewards can be affection and praise or even a little treat.
  • It’s important to never use physical punishment when obedience training your Greyhound.  If you use physical punishment then this can actually make your Greyhound anxious and will just prolong your training.  Instead, be firm yet calm.

The Basics

When Greyhound obedience training, it’s important to start with the basic commands.  The following are just two of these basic commands that you can start with:

  • The first basic command you should teach your Greyhound is “sit” as this is the command you will probably use the most.  To do this, hold a yummy dog food treat above your Greyhounds’ head while they are standing.  Say “sit” and slowly move your hand back down towards their tail until they’re sitting.  Once they’re in the sitting position give them the treat.  Keep repeating this same method until your Greyhound sits automatically upon command.
  • Another basic command you can teach your Greyhound is “stay” (however you cannot start teaching this until your Greyhound has full mastered “sit”).  To do this ask your Greyhound to “sit” and then walk a couple of steps away.  Hold your hand in the stop position and say “stay”.  If your Greyhound stays correctly reward them with a little treat or praise.  Overtime, you can increase the distance you walk away and the amount of time you make your Greyhound “stay”.  Remember, this command will take your Greyhound time to learn so be patient!

Greyhound Obedience Classes

Have you considered taking your Greyhound to dog obedience classes?  This can be a great way for both you and your Greyhound to learn more in regards to obedience training.  Plus, as an added bonus it is also a great way to socialize your Greyhound with other dogs.  However, it’s important you choose the right class for you and your Greyhound so do some research before you sign up.

If you wish for your Greyhound to be well behaved, then Greyhound obedience training is a must.  So what are you waiting for?  Start Greyhound obedience training today!

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