Stop Greyhound Separation Anxiety

Does your Greyhound get anxious or upset when you leave them home alone?  Well, they may have Greyhound separation anxiety.  Luckily, there are things you can do to help combat this problem.  Read on to learn more.

Stop Greyhound Separation AnxietyGreyhound separation anxiety is not a nice thing for your beloved pet to have.  So the sooner you get the situation under control the better.  The following tips and advice will help you on the path to doing this.

Leaving and Returning Home

Do you make a huge deal when you leave and return home by giving your Greyhound a long goodbye with lots of cuddles?  Well did you know that doing this could actually enhance Greyhound separation anxiety?  Therefore, to stop this from occurring you need to show your Greyhound that your comings and goings are a normal behavior and not something to worry about.  To do this you need to ignore your Greyhound for at least ten minutes before you leave.  On your return, again ignore your Greyhound for another ten minutes.  This may be hard but it will help greatly in getting your Greyhound separation anxiety under control.

Practice Leaving

A great way to help combat Greyhound separation anxiety is to show your Greyhound that you will in fact be returning home.  Once your Greyhound understands this, then they will be less likely to become anxious when you do leave them home alone.  To do this, only leave your home for a couple of minutes and then come straight back.  Gradually, increase the amount of time you are gone.  Every time your Greyhound sees you return, they will become less anxious.  And overtime, you will be able to leave for a long period of time without the worry that your Greyhound may become anxious and upset.

Too Much Time Alone

Do you leave your Greyhound at home alone for really long stretches of time?  This can be hard on a Greyhound, especially if they love begin around people or other animals and therefore this may be the cause of their separation anxiety.  To prevent this anxiety from occurring you could always look into getting another dog to keep your Greyhound company throughout the day.  Or as an alterative you could enroll your Greyhound in a doggy day care.  Thirdly, you could ask or pay somebody to pop in to visit your Greyhound during the day.


If you do not stimulate your Greyhound enough, then this can also lead to separation anxiety.  To prevent this you need to make sure you spend plenty of time with your Greyhound.  This could include exercising your Greyhound or even socializing them with other dogs.

Remember, Greyhound separation anxiety is not a nice thing for your beloved dog to have.  Therefore if you feel your Greyhound does have separation anxiety then you need to get the situation under control as soon as possible.  So what are you waiting for?  Take the above tips on Greyhound separation anxiety and put them into practice today.

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